The health, safety and wellness of the Community are of paramount importance to us. That is why the BIAGHB administration has activated stage 1 of our 3-stage plan to combat the threat of Coronavirus to our community. We aim to prevent widespread illness within our community and ask for your cooperation in these measures.

    • Stage 1 – effective immediately
    o ALL non-prayer activities by BIAGHB are cancelled
    – Includes Maktab, Saturday school, Quran Classes, etc.
    o Friday Sermon will be shortened to 15 minutes max (including the prayer, start time will remain at 1:30 PM)
    o No studying, hanging out, general spending time in the masjid
    o All those who have been to a country where Coronavirus has been confirmed or who have been in contact with travelers from said states/countries in the last 14 days are not allowed at BIAGHB until the 14-day time period is up
    o All those coughing (even if you claim it is allergies), sneezing, fever, or any illness are not allowed at BIAGHB until ALL symptoms are gone
    o The elderly or those with chronic conditions are encouraged to check with their health care provider before engaging in group activities/congregations
    o No hugging, shaking hands, or kissing for greetings at the masjid
    o Those not following guidelines above will be removed from the premises

    • Stage 2 – activated when health department issues clear direction /instructions in this regard.

    >     o In addition to all the above, Friday Prayer will be cancelled (regular prayers will remain in congregation)

    • Stage 3 – activated when a state of emergency is declared in ONTARIO
    o In additional to all the above, all BIAGHB properties will be closed and locked for all services, classes, prayers (including Friday), etc.

    As of THURSDAY , March 11, 2020, we have only activated stage 1 – all further announcements will be on our WEB page (http://www.biaghb.com/) and Facebook Page (http://www.biaghb.com/) – please be sure to follow so you have the most up to date information.

    We are taking these aggressive precautions  to help the broader BIAGHB community avoid widespread illness in the hopes to make lives better for all and contain the virus before the beginning of Ramadan, and taraweeh on April 23. If we are able to implement these measures with your help, we will be well enough as a community to pray taraweeh in congregation in the masjid, insha’Allah.

    Additional tips to say healthy:
    • Wash your hands often with soap and warm water; the process of applying soap, scrubbing, and rinsing should take a minimum of 30 seconds
    • Make wudu often!
    • Avoid close contact with people, including hugging, shaking hands, etc.
    • Avoid touching your face, eyes, mouth, nose, etc.
    • Avoid large groups, congregations, dinner parties, etc.
    • Use the inside bend of your elbow to cough or sneeze into, not your hands
    • Make Dua’a!