• Instructions for Eid, Sunday, May 24, 2020

    As salamu alaikum dear brothers and sisters,
    Eid al Fitr is on Sunday, May 24, 2020.
    Eid Prayer: Step by Step Guide
    How to Lead your Family and friends in Eid Prayer at Home, or to pray it alone –
    1. Intention to Pray
    In your Heart: ‘I am performing two raka’ah Eidul Fitr prayer".
    2. First Raka‘ah
    Open the prayer with the Takbiratul Ihram (the first takbir i.e. Allahu Akbar), recite Subhanaka and then follow up with 3 more Takbirs with raising up your hands. Afterward, Al-Fatihah will be recited followed by another Surah (Preferably Surat al-A’laa, or Al-Kafiruun).
    3. Second Raka’ah
    After you stand up, and after reading Surah Al-Fatihah, followed by another Surah (preferably Al-Ghaashiya, or Al-Ikhlas), follow up with another 3 Takbirs, and with fourth one go to bowing position, ie. Ruku', and finish as any other prayer/Salat.
    4. Sermon is not obligatory, so you don't need to perform it.
    6. Practice all recommended sunnahs related to Eid (take a bath, best clothes, eat or drink something before Eid prayer, before and after Eid prayer recite a lot of Takbirs, etc.).
    May Allah accept our fast, taraweeh and all other prayers, sadaqatul fitr and other givings, and all good deeds, amin.