About Us

The Bosnian Islamic Association Gazi Husrev-Beg (BIAGH) was founded in November 1977 under the name ‘Association of Islamic Community Gazi Husrev-Beg’. It’s been operating under its current name (BIAGH) ever since 1995. Primary reason of its foundation was to respond to the religious needs of its members. That was made possible through a full time Imam, who has been serving this community uninterruptedly since June 1982. The BIAGH caters to the needs of Bosniaks that pertain to Bosniak tradition, folklore, sport and different creative workshops.

Our Imam: Haris Ef. Zulovic

Our Board of Directors:
Muamer Hodza (President)
Anes Dzumhur
Jasmin Begagic
Emir Topalovic
Irfan Cehajic